Apr 24, 2015

OH NO! You can only pick 2 Social Networks! What would they be?

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What we discussed:

  • Tip# 1: When using Google Hangout, look at the camera!
  • Not all people think of YouTube as a social network.
  • Facebook usually used for social interaction.
  • LinkedIn usually used for business interaction.
  • Twitter used for up-to-the-moment news and sports info.
  • Google+ has the fun, power and ability Facebook has minus the audience.
  • Pinterest and Instagram may be used as mix for personal and business.
  • Google Hangout is basically YouTube.
  •  Pinterest drives traffic to the blog and/or videos; also it has longevity.
  • YouTube also has longevity.
  • LinkedIn has become prone to spammers and scammers, alike.
  • Tip# 2: When invited to an event, don’t RSVP when you don’t really intend to join.
  • When using Google+, you’re ensured that your posts are searchable.
  • Tip# 3: Do not randomly endorse people in LinkedIn just so your face appears on their profile.
  • Tip# 4: You may focus on two social networks but you cannot be everywhere and do it consistently.

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