Apr 2, 2015

How to Deliver Great Customer Service Online with Ravi Shukle

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Background of Ravi Shukle: 

Ravi loves to help online retailers create happy customers for life through customer service.  He’s had over ten years of experience in online customer service and he has used this to help organizations better understand and connect with both their employees and customers to help increase the impact on sales, marketing and word of mouth.

What we discussed:

  • Ravi working with Post Planner, who has recently launched their web app with more feature  and functionality than the older version.
  • Ravi have streamlined social media for Samsung in UK.
  • Customer service is crucial in some business as people don’t want to email and want to take it up on Facebook or other social networks.
  • One good rule to follow for customer service is acknowledge the comments, queries, etc.
  • A happy customer will tell friends but an angry customer will tell more friends.
  • Set up FAQs and escalation systems.
  • In social, people expect response within an hour.
  • Customer is entitled to their opinion but it doesn’t mean they end up always right.
  • Work issues out with customers before deleting or banning people.
  • The customer service team should be empowered employees to have smoother experience dealing with customers.
  • Do not take negative feedback personally.
  • Show actual people behind the brand for authenticity and personality.

Where to find Ravi: 

  • facebook.com/Ravishukle
  • Twitter: @ravishukle
  • RaviShukle.com

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