Conversation with Terry Bean – Social Media Hangout Time

Hey everyone it’s Janet Johnson, I’m here with Social Media Hangout Time. Thanks for coming back, joining us again possibly. Or maybe you’re new. Well if you’re new your in for a treat. We’ve been doing a little transition with our show right now. It’s a possible transition. And I’m here today with Terry Bean who I happen to have gone to high school with way back when, well not that far back, but anyway I don’t want to age myself.

Seven to eight years.

Yeah exactly, exactly. But we’re looking at changing a little bit of Social Media Hangout Time and having Terry as the co-host, our host, double host, whatever how it would work. He’s kind of the new Kimmy. I know he looks really, really like her and everything but…

Separated at birth. She’s a little taller than I am.

Yeah, I think. She has a little more hair, that’s all. Well we want to talk today about having a show and
the specifics to having a show. Terry has a lot of questions and I think a lot of people out there might have a lot of questions with how to run a show. And some people are strictly YouTube, some people are strictly doing on Google Hangout show, live. A lot of people run this live. And some people are doing strictly podcast. Some crazy people like me kind of mix it all together and so it makes it a little more difficult but I just feel like I want to get out to more places and I need the visual in there, too. So Terry go ahead and fire away, let’s start this discussion. What would you like to ask first?

Yeah, so I think it’s awesome, right. I’ve kicked on the idea of doing a blog or having blog talk radio. I’ve done blogging, I’ve written blogs for, probably since 2007 and eight. I’ve done some video stuff where I take my phone and I hold it in front of my face where I talk for two minutes. And I’ve done all of these different things but the one thing that I haven’t done with any of them is remain consistent. Isn’t it consistency like the biggest key to it?

It really is. When we started the show we were very consistent every single Thursday. Every single Thursday no matter what we were getting the show out. And it is very important but it isn’t the end all either. But you just want to stay keeping having a show, I mean I think a lot people all here have different opinions. Ralph, I’m going to give you a shoutout from Web.Search.Social, those guys are amazing with their consistency. They’re amazing with their consistency on their email campaign depending on what it is. I think you need to set a schedule and keep that schedule consistent but life does get in the way so sometimes things can come up that, you know, you can change it or you know we didn’t launch on a holiday. If a Thursday landed on a holiday, we just said we need a break, too. And so you know what we need to sometimes take our personal self into things, too, and kind of go I don’t want to worry about the show this week and I’m not going to worry about the show this week; I’m going to focus on my children. So I think some of those things come in place, too.


Now speaking about that though, it depends now if we’re talking video or podcast. The one thing I do believe they both need to be consistent. I think anything across the board does but video you might not need as much of as a podcast, depending on your goals, too.

When you say as much, you mean content or you mean
frequency or…


Is there a length, the duration?

Well using the way we format the show, length is probably a little long for, I mean our videos aren’t going to viral. I mean these interviews that we do, it’s not about being viral but it’s just about being found. I would say 75%, maybe a little less than that. I was just looking at the traffic from Social Media Hangout Time was from finding us online. So how are they finding us? a) through the blog post; but you know what, I believe video is such a huge, YouTube is my favorite SEO tool. And so I know they’re finding us through video because I optimize every single video, too. So that’s another way of finding and going. So to go back to what I was saying, YouTube can be a little less in frequency but podcasting I believe nowadays has to be more in frequency.

Got it. And that makes perfect sense. Alright, I like the video format but some of you will notice I have a great voice for radio, equally great face for radio. So I’m a little nervous like are there times when the camera’s not on me and it’s just on you? How does the split screen thing happens?

Yeah, it’s, well we can lock the screen, too, like right now I just locked it on me.


So if you want we can lock it on me the whole time, but no I’m just kidding.

They’d be like oh the show’s so much prettier all of a sudden.

But the thing is it’s whoever is speaking, it goes back and forth. And when we’re interviewing three people, when three people are on I find locking the screen isn’t necessity because you want to have it jump to whoever is talking. If we had ten people on you got to lock the screen because somebody typing on a keyboard would turn the screen on to them. So with three people we just keep it open but, yeah, it goes back and forth. And then in the end it’s just about personally why I like the video, too, is I’m looking a the person. It’s a whole another level of meeting people when I’m interviewing versus not seeing them. I was on Ralph’s podcast recently, Web Search Social. Like I said they have an excellent podcast and they’ve been doing four podcast a week, a week. But, I think it’s four, maybe even five. They’re just amazing how much the time they’ve devoted to it. But it is a little bit easier because they’re just strictly doing it podcast not video. I mean I need an hour to put on my makeup and everything, so that adds time right there.

Right. I do take some time to look like this.

Exactly. So there’s plus and minuses. My thought on a future would be to have, I think you do need more podcast. So to have one video per week that was would be where we’re interviewing somebody. And possibly 1-2 per week and you can do 2 per week just podcast only to get more podcast out there. And those two like Web Search Social does, they do, they read their, obviously they don’t act like their reading but they read their blog post. So a) it would force you to do your blogging, you know once per week; and then you would have a short show. I’ve done some short shows where I do a 10-minute quick video and turn that into a podcast. It’s just a 10-minute show by myself. The one thing I really love about podcast, I’ve heard so many strict rules on like if you’re with a radio station and you’re with other companies, they put rules for you that on what you have to do. This is our show. This is completely, we can do whatever, I can get rid of Kimmy, well Kimmy sorry, she’s back here.

Is she already?

I know. She’s going to move on to better things.

She’s promoted.

So you know Kimmy can stay, she can go, whatever. Loved Lisa, now I want to give a shoutout to Lisa. Lisa’s awesome. She went, moved on to better things and she’s doing awesome, too. And so that’s why we’re having this conversation in the first place because I wasn’t sure kind of how to move on alone or with a partner, whatever. It’s just not as exciting without a partner, somebody to kind of. I know a lot of people do podcast all by themselves but it’s just a little more fun to have somebody that you can spin the ideas off, that kind of thing, too.

So you said a bunch of different things there. One of the things I like is doing a couple of three podcast and then one actual video. And I don’t remember if we actually talk about this but my thought was what if the video was kind of, you know you interviewed somebody but then have a whole section of the video. We just talked what a podcast were about. So I learned from that, too. So you lose that exposure, that content multiple times and get the value of it in multiple places like you had said earlier, does that makes sense?

Absolutely and one of the things that I’m a big, big user of, this is what I’m looking to do my book on, it is video and being social with video. Why, because Facebook is loving video right now and video exposure is so much bigger. Your reach goes so much further with video on Facebook than any other whether it’s pictures or sharing blog posts, nothing compares. So what I’ve been doing with these shows is downloading them to my computer, and it can be a little bit of work but it can be worth it in the end. And I edit and clip just one tip, one small thing in the video, that’s maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then that’s what I upload to Facebook to promote the show.

Great, great idea. And is that easy to do? Does it take like five minutes or is that like an hour long process?

No, no.

You need software for it?

No, I use the plain old one on my computer. And movie maker whatever it is. The only thing that takes time is downloading it to there because when it’s a half hour show it takes a little bit of time. But clipping it and finding the clip is no problem at all. Like when Ralph came on our show he turned into a puppet which was hilarious.


Yeah, he turned into a puppet.

Am I letting you down by not doing that? Is this sort of, I’m okay?

No, you might let Ralph down though, I have to say. We got to ask Ralph because he definitely loved Kimmy the puppet. So we’ll have a guest appearance once in a while or something.

Maybe Ralph could be on the new Kimmy show.

Exactly. We definitely, yeah. So but I clipped that piece of it, just that piece where he turned into a puppet, made it fun and then that’s what I post on Facebook to draw attention. So you can use the videos in multiple ways and the other you can do is use the podcast in multiple ways where you are re-using the content over and over. We created images of tips that people gave and the other idea is even doing ebooks down the road of the different guests and what they teach and so you feature them. So that could be a revenue model.

Revenue model, hmmm, I like that phrase. Let’s talk about that in a minute but before I get there, so while we’re having this conversation I flipped over to my YouTube channel and all and I looked at the scheds of videos that I’ve done over the past three years, there’s probably seventy of them. Of the seventy, the vast majority are me holding the phone and talking and there’s a few where I’m walking around and talking about something else. There’s a couple that we’re actually professionally done that looked much better than me holding the phone, shockingly. What the common theme is though, most of them have fifty views. I don’t ever promote them, I don’t like the idea of promoting myself. I feel like a tool doing that. I understand that video’s powerful for SEO. I have one video that I did about a Jeep Cherokee when they first got released in 2013. Well I just did a walk around of this car, it’s a five and a half minute video. The thing’s got 25,000 views. That is remarkable compared to the rest of the views I have. Because I think number two is like 1500. So I didn’t promote that much more, I think I threw it down on the blog page on my blog and I may have posted it a couple of places but I assume that’s mostly search as opposed to promotion. Is that true for all videos? That’s a really long question but there’s the question. How do most videos get found anymore?

Yeah, search is a big one. Search is a very big one. The other side of it is this is one thing that Lisa and I were headed to do when we never got there. We didn’t want, Ralph was the guinea pig on that one, but he was a good sport because my internet went down the second we went live. But eventually I would like to this to be recorded live. And what that does is you can get to you Google+ and build a great fan base there. So you’re actually doing events on Google+ and then you can promote directly. There’s a lot of pieces to that but you can promote directly to people that you circle. And then you can get interaction and more followers, that kind of thing. So that can really ramp up your podcast, too, because people like to watch like a webinar. They like to be live and be able to interact with it. That’s documented that that’s definitely liked. But then they can also, if they can’t catch the convenience of putting on their phone and having it as a podcast. Ryan Hanley is excellent at this. Ryan Hanley has been doing the live podcast, live, sorry, Google+ hangouts and I know he gets a huge crowd. Maybe a hundred plus just watching live but then he also, you know, obviously puts it on video, optimizes that and then he has the podcast. So he’s been doing that for couple of years and congrats, he just launched his book, too, so it would be great to have him on our show, too, talking about his book.

Yeah that’s good. So interesting, very interesting. Now I know Google+ is something that I feel like is an empty hallway. A lot of times you are one of the few people I see there often. I see Michelle Price, I see a few other people fairly consistently. I’m always looking at the number of views that my profile has gotten there. And that number has consistently goes up. I actually looked at yours yesterday. Between the two of us we’re just north of 200,000 views which seems like a good number to me because I’ve looked at other people who are very prominent in social media here in the Detroit area that don’t have two or 3,000 views because they pay zero attention to those. So I know that that platform’s going and I feel that YouTube is such a natural so I like the idea of live. Is there anyway, because this little podcast or this video that we’re doing this hangout says live in the upper right hand corner now. Is there anyway anyone could sneak in and be watching this as we speak?

I set it up as private.

You set it up as private. But we could have it public just as easy.

We could have. I could just said put it out to the world and. I did that once and didn’t know what I was doing, it was one of the first ones. But it’s like I’m coming, like I oh, I didn’t mean to go live.

I would welcome that. I would love this if it were live and you were just like shi* I can’t believe I did this. Oh it’s live and everybody heard it – oh now, they know, it’s over! They know I swear, what am I going to do.

That’s great. It kind of makes it more fun because then you get the people’s interaction and

Do they chat in with you? Can they write in.

Yep, yep and I have someone on my to-do list that has been doing this for a long time and have huge success with it and we had asked him to be on the show and things happen that I never got back to him so I’m sure he would and he can teach us a lot about going live with it. Because it’s something that I know it would just take a couple of extra steps to do it, it’s not a big deal. It just builds your audience. It builds a bigger, yeah Google+ might not be, I don’t spend a ton of time there anymore either, I’m more on Facebook like you are.


But for this circumstance and being able to invite your specific people and there’s some tools that are really cool. So people have commented, you can add them to your list like the Social Media Hangout Time list to invite them the next time to the next event. So there’s a lot of great pieces in Google+ that can grow your base. And I think that would have taken us, if we have gone live a long time ago it would have taken us from here to here.

Makes sense. So Social Media Time hangout, you’ve had that name, you’ve been this would be show 42, assuming this ever becomes a show. So you’ve done forty-one other shows with it. Are you married to that name, is that something you want to keep? Is it,


How associated would Kimmy is it?

No, Kimmy is the social media puppet. So Kimmy has been, so is the social media puppet. So if you google social media puppet…

You’re going to see Kimmy.

Kimmy. It’s all Kimmy and Forbes has a sock puppet at one point and they’ve retired the sock puppet and I still don’t know why, it was a cute little thing. But anyway so she’s a social media puppet. Is she tied to Social Media Hangout Time? No, whatever, not really. As for the name I grabbed it out of the air. I think it’s kind of a cool name. The biggest thing that I would have a hard time with switching is that we have a whole entire website. So the backend of it is done. I mean if you look at the steps to starting a podcast you have to have, and we have the video side of it, too. So we have the exposure on the YouTube channel, the YouTube channel set up. Obviously branding would be the biggest change, that kind of thing. But on a podcast you’ve got, you get the hosting. So I don’t know if you know anything about that but we use Libsyn. Libsyn tends to be a favorite of many, I did a lot of research so we use that and pay a monthly fee. It’s very minute but I think right now we’re about fifteen a month. We’ll have to move up to probably, as you grow then the more you get in there obviously the more you pay.


So and then the website is completely done. All laid out, everything’s finished on that and that was obviously building a whole entire WordPress site from scratch, it was quite a bit of work. Other than that, no, it’s just the work behind getting it all set. Figuring it out, the layout, that’s the other thing. Because when show is done I will send the YouTube video to the graphic designer and my assistant that helps me with these things, virtual assistant. And what she does, the graphic guy does a YouTube thumbnail, because I don’t know if you’ve gone, scroll down my channel but the channel has all custom thumbnails on it.


Well yeah, that’s all I want it to be. I always make sure we do custom thumbnails. And then second piece is he does graphics. And he does, he knows exactly what to do now because we’ve done a number of shows but it’s a learning curve at the beginning. So we have a couple graphics that we need specific sizing to share on social media. And I have to send the picture of the person, the guest that we’ve interviewed so he can put the guest and then we promote that guest as much as possible, too. The virtual. Go ahead, you have a question?

I was just saying that makes sense.

Oh ok. Then the virtual assistant, what she does, we’ve trained her now to transcribe it. And she transcribe the entire thing and we put the transcription in the show notes. And it’s also on YouTube, too, the transcribing of it. And then she also edits the podcast and then we do a blog post. I typically write the blog post, I’ve kind of having her learn a little bit more about popping that up and then we put the YouTube and the links to the show and the link to Libsyn so they can watch it or listen to it, whatever they want to do on the website. So it’s kind of steps involved. Trying to think, her time podcast editing is very time consuming. Transcribing is very time consuming.

I can see transcribing being time consuming. What’s long about editing the podcast?

Well you got to go through

Spaces and fixes?

Exactly. Exactly. That can take you a couple of hours. Is that worth doing? Isn’t it better to keep it somewhat authentic or no?

I keep all YouTube videos authentic. But I know when you’re listening in the ear and it’s like, well now I have to edit your swearing out, no, I’m just kidding.

Yeah, right. Who wants to listen to that crap?

So you know, I mean, you want to edit certain things but it’s not the end of the world not to edit everything so I told her to be super picky about it but just kind of make sure you’re kind of getting some of the ummms and ahhhs out of there, that kind of thing. It’s just annoying to listen to because I listen to a number of podcasts and when it’s right in your ear you have so much more than when you’re just watching YouTube video and probably doing something else whatever it’s not as annoying.

So that’s an interesting point. So what a perfect segue you just laid out a bunch of expenses that the show has and incurs. We talked about getting back to a revenue model earlier, I think now’s a really good time to put out monetize and stuff.

Well I could even learn more and there’s more ways to do it. There’s many people that have written about it and have very successful podcasts, very very. They’re very lucrative because of how often they do it, that kind of thing. Sponsorship is obviously one. That’s a big one that a lot of people go after. The thing to realize is I think in the last 2-3 years marketers have become podcasters. A couple of years ago it was, say three years ago, it was kind of the unknown and not a lot of people were doing it. Well now a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. So you’ve really…

Same with video, too, right? Same with video.

Yes, yes, but video wasn’t integrated with Google+ before and it wasn’t even, I mean it wasn’t know by Google. And so that whole integration was Google has made a big difference with video, too. So there’s some changes that have happened there. But I agree. And so sponsors is a big one but you need to have a lot of viewership. And in order to get that downloads and listeners per download and I believe in order to get that you’ll have to have multiple. That’s why like Web Search Social they have four a week. They’re going to get more. Well Entrepreneur on Fire, you’ve probably heard of that one right?

I haven’t but I don’t really pay much attention to this space.

Oh okay.

But being not here and about it doesn’t make it less cool.

Okay, he has seven shows a week. Seven shows a week. Yeah and he documents how much money he makes. He has a paradise , ohhh sorry sorry, I can’t think of a name of it. But Podcasters Paradise, Podcasters Paradise.

Nice name.

And that one is he teaches about how he’s making all the money that he’s making – John Lee Dumas. Sorry all these names are finally coming to me. So John Dee Dumas. He’s the one that and I believe that at one point he was making 30,000 a month just from sponsors.

So he can afford the Libsyn at $15 a month.



So if you think about it, but he sponsor. That’s one way he makes the money in sponsorship. But from that he’s membership, that membership program makes him an incredible amount money. And he completely tells everybody what he’s making.

So he’s selling to the people that are following him whether he’s telling an ebook or a training class or a regular book, cd or whatever he’s got, he’s got what we’d call the speaking biz back at the room stuff.

You got it.

Okay, nice.

And he’s making money off the sponsorships. Another way you can make money is affiliates. So when we have people on the show and they mention their book, we could put an affiliate link to Amazon in the show notes so that we’re actually making and come back from. Now here’s one thing that you might be able to help me with I can’t do and I don’t know if it’s what’s Michigan laws are but we can’t be an affiliate of Amazon in Minnesota anymore.


Yeah. They banned it so.


Taxes. They didn’t want the tax stuff, I don’t know. But kind of a bummer for me so we couldn’t, I could never all these different books, all these different people we interviewed, we couldn’t use Amazon. Granted I suppose I can put an ebay link because I could still be an ebay affiliate but can’t be. But that’s a great way to make money. Make extra, little bit. Obviously you’re not going to make a ton of money from a book but, you know, from affiliate link. But if you have a lot of viewers that can bring you some good income, too. Let’s say we want to talk about podcast, they have an affiliate program. I believe I am an affiliate of Podcasters’ Paradise. That’s another way to make income is by promoting somebody else’s stuff.

Okay. Well income’s important. So I mean if we were widely successful with this podcast, and let’s be honest, let’s just call it if we did okay. What would we expect to earn? What seems like a, hey you did good, good job, way to go!

You know what, I’m going to say, am not going to say a number because it all depends on what you want to do. And so that’s the discussion. If you want to have a sponsor, some people don’t want to have sponsors then it kind of give them rules. And some people completely stay away from sponsors and instead they do the affiliate thing and then they do write the books, instead. Some people they’re main goal is sponsor. So it just depends.

What’s yours? Do you have a main goal?

My main goal, I would be totally open to sponsors, too.


My main goal in the last year is honestly has been really to up my brand. When you say you have a show, people make so much more of it than what it really is.

Okay, that’s a big deal.

It’s the perception.

Because you want to do Google Hangout, good job!

It’s all the perception. Exactly. So that’s one piece of it that has helped. It helps your brand and it also helps make connections. And that has been my other goal that has definitely, I love some of the connections I’ve made and I never would have made them. And these are people that are wiling to get out and promote you, help you, do whatever for you and you’ll do the same for them. And so when I meet people, I chat to so many people through social media. But when I actually meet them and talk, and that’s why I prefer the face to face versus I just feel like it brings it to a whole another level in trust, respect, all of that when I can see them. It’s almost them sitting right here having a conversation.

And that makes perfect sense to me. So for me I think what would be important and I appreciate the adding to your brand and getting out there and becoming a credible resource. I feel like I’ve done that in certain areas and would like to continue to do that. One of the things I’m really working on is kind of changing that whole “social media” thing because I don’t necessarily think it’s the proper term. When I got, after I got into it it started being called social networking. I spent a lot of time in the social networking space, it’s kind of what I do, I love that. And now I’m hearing phrases like social selling, I’m hearing social marketing, obviously social media is a big one and social networking. So I’m like, you know what, I want to be the king of social biz dev. That needs to be the word that I plan, business development from a social perspective.

Oh dev, social biz dev.

Social business development is my kind of word. You can use it to if you need to find capital, great. If you need to find employees, great. You need new clients, great. It kind of is all encompassing. You just want to get

Yes it is.

So that’s kind of where I envision spending some time and I think I could leverage this because we could be very selective about the type of people we bring on. And certainly it could stay under the brand Social Media Hangout Time. I’m not horsing that word, I don’t really care.

Well it’s $2 to buy a link and 4 if you really but.


Like Mike said he owns 300 of them.

Yeah, absolutely. This is the time of the year that evidently when I buy most of my domains because every other day I’m getting notice from godaddy about what’s expiring and what’s not.

Wait, wait, I bought that one? I forgot about that one! Oh I yeah okay, oh I don’t use that one anymore.

My rule is very clear, if I don’t come up with a reason for it within 2 years, it’s got to go.

Yeah mine’s about a year.

And I will be cutting down. So there’s a couple of them that I had for previous client that I don’t need anymore because we’re previous and that’s it. And you know there’s a couple of them that I was like oh my God this is the best idea ever, I really can’t wait to do something. Turns out I was wrong evidently I can wait a really long time to do something with it.

Yeah, exactly.

It keeps it fun. But I do, I like the idea of bringing people on. They’re going to add value. I mean, heck we just did a show with Mike O’Neil the LinkedIn Rockstar on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I thought that was an excellent show, I think people are going to find out tons of value from that.


And learn somethings that there is no way they know. From a format perspective I don’t know how you felt about it, I thought that our exchange was decent. There’s a whole different world when there’s three people on this call, too.

It is.

Everything from having no conversation about what we’re going to do or how we’re going to handle it. I thought it came out alright, what do you think?

I thought it went great. I thought it went great. Well Mike can carry a conversation, first off.

He didn’t really need us.

We don’t have to be there. But no, he was awesome.

He was.

But it’s all about figuring out the right questions. Now I keep bringing the show up but I love these guys and I think I do they a great job. And they’ve both been on our show separately. We’re going to have them on together. Ralph on Web Search Social, they’re married. And they do it together also – Carol Lynn and Ralph. They have their show where sometimes they do it alone. So there are four shows broken down into the interview process together, and they do another show together and then they do one each separate for a week. That’s how they break theirs down which makes sense.


It works and I think I do like not having somebody on sometimes, not always interviewing because then we can show our expertise because we have expertise, too, in certain subjects. And so if we’re just interviewing constantly then we are just in the back. I love doing it but we’re the ones interviewing the whole time and we’re not showing our expertise where I know you could teach a ton of different things that I can teach either. Because I’m video, Facebook and you have the LinkedIn background and networking and so you’ve got, we’re kind in two different worlds but in the same world.

Right. There is overlap but so that would be very cool. And with today was a great example, right? We had it set up where we did Mike earlier and we just got right back on and did this. We could make that become a thing, I think.

Exactly, exactly because usually that gives you two hour chunk but then you’re done and then you just edit and you have a couple of weeks worth of stuff. Staying ahead is important. When you get behind and you’re at the last minute trying to find somebody to get on the show, that get’s nerve wracking. So to stay ahead is a big thing for me.

And that’s kind of cool. I feel very blessed that we are connected as I am. I know that in any given time I could make six phone calls or send out five texts and get free people to like yeah, I’ll jump on and they’d be interesting, engaging and be able to add value in a heartbeat. They might be a little Detroit eccentric but you know, that’s kind of how it goes.

Yeah true.

And I’ve got connections all over the country and all over the world, really, but it’ll be cool.

Yeah. So that’s kind of the format and any other things that our viewers should probably, any questions the viewers would be interested. Let me talk to them specifically. If they’re looking to do a show and they want to do either, you know a lot of people want to get into podcast. It’s just kind of the latest and greatest thing in the last couple of years and it’s only growing. And it’s been documented – the success rate of having a podcast. Most people don’t make it past show seven. So I’m very proud to be and Lisa, thank you so much, too. Somedays I just went is it worth it? You know Ryan Hanley, he talks about it’s kind of a labor of love at times. Honestly the revenue model come in would be fantastic but some of the most fun I’ve had, well honestly some of the most fun was people’s looks on their faces talking to a puppet. That was kind of funny. And once in a while we just got to jump in, I don’t know. But it’s the most fun. And you want to love what you do and so I want to make sure, first off if you’re scared to talk in front of people or you never interviewed anybody before, it’s the best thing. Or you’re scared to do videos, you’ve got to just do it. That’s the suggestion I give to people. I was not a Google+ Hangout pro by any means. We launched on itunes before I knew what I was doing. But then I figured it out and we did make it to the top but in the very beginning we made it. We made it but just by, we could have been much higher up. We were at like forty. But we launched before we knew what we were doing. But you know what, in the end it all works out. So I think people just need to kind of, not to be too scared of it and they don’t need to learn every little, nitty-gritty detail because it will come. It will come how to get that show out to the blog and how to get it out to the podcast. It will come and it’s just a matter of practice and always streamline and time. In the beginning time is definitely put in but it get’s streamlined.

That makes a lots of sense and that’s a good wrap up because I think there are probably a lot of people that have questions similar to what I’ve asked and things that you just addressed and kind of closing statement that there is going to make it a little bit easier for them to go out and jump, really, because that’s what we are doing. We take a little leap and trust that the net appears ultimately.

Exactly, exactly. We’ll thanks for the conversation Terry. I hope people learn from it. I know we did and so.

I did.

Cool. Well thanks. Well see you guys soon.